Access Free Training for Veteran Care

From the War Zone to the Home Front II is a free nine-part online training series designed to educate nurses and other health care providers about better care for veterans...

Study: Inspire Nurses for Quality Improvement

There was little increase in nurses' participation in quality improvement activities from 2004 to 2008, despite an increase...

Apply Now for 2013 Grants and Awards

AMSN offers $40,000 worth of scholarships, grants, and awards each year to members. The 2013 awards recognize outstanding nurses, support nursing research...

Achieve Your Goals with AMSN Grants

AMSN is offering a new $20,000 research grant related to certification, sponsored by MSNCB, our affiliate certification organization.

Want to Get to the AMSN Convention? Here's Some Help!

Let AMSN show you a that you can indeed get to the AMSN 22nd Annual Convention* with our step-by-step plan!

White House Petition to Support APRNs

Sign a petition on the White House Website asking the Obama administration to remove barriers that prevent APRNs from practicing to their full scope.

Better Designed Units Mean Less Staff Fatigue

In hospitals, poor floor design, storage closet clutter and crowded corridors can contribute to nurse and medical staff fatigue...

AMSN Members Only: One More CNE Gift for You!

You already receive free CNE articles as a member benefit, but we are giving you another: one more free CNE session per month!

Maintain Your Chapter Charter

Have you started an AMSN Chapter Charter? We have gathered together the information needed to maintain your chapter in an easy to follow document.

Tips to Improve Your Caregiving Skills

Nursezone is featuring AMSN President (2012-13) Kathy Lattavo in an excellent article about how to be a more tuned-in caregiver.