Survey of Frontline RNs - LAST CALL

Greetings Medical-Surgical Nurses!

My name is Dr. Terry Jones and I would like to invite you to participate in a nursing research study funded by the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (AMSN) entitled Leadership Practices and Developmental Needs of Frontline Medical-Surgical Nurses.

As you may know, the Future of Nursing Report published by the Institute of Medicine calls for all nurses to develop and practice leadership skills. Despite this national call to action, surprisingly little is known about the actual leadership practices and competencies of medical-surgical nurses. Similarly, little is known about how practicing medical-surgical nurses describe their needs related to the development of leadership skills. Without this knowledge, it is difficult to develop effective educational programs to support leadership development among medical-surgical nurses.

I am interested in learning more about which leadership behaviors medical-surgical nurses are currently demonstrating and which behaviors they would like to develop further. This information is necessary to evaluate progress toward the goals established in the Future of Nursing Report and to guide development of educational programs that meet the needs of medical-surgical nurses.

Medical-surgical nurses are the best source of information about medical-surgical nurses! Therefore, I have put together a survey to collect information from practicing medical-surgical nurses about their perceived leadership practices and educational needs. RNs practicing in direct care roles (staff nurse) on inpatient medical-surgical nursing units are needed to complete the survey. It is expected that completion of the survey (including a few demographic questions) will take about 15-20 minutes. Surveys must be completed online and all responses will remain confidential.

If you are interested in learning more about this study and becoming a participant, find out about it. Participants will receive a $25 gift certificate for Amazon following completion of the survey. It is anticipated that findings from this study will be reported in the med-surg nursing literature. AMSN also plans to use findings from this study to guide ongoing development of educational programs to meet the needs of medical-surgical nurses.

Thank you for your interest in and support of this study!


Terry L. Jones RN, PhD
Assistant Professor, School of Nursing
Virginia Commonwealth University

Take the survey!

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