Here's Your Last-Minute AMSN Convention Checklist

Use this handy checklist and you’ll be relaxed and ready.

  Download the AMSN Convention app. The app has everything you need to know. Check it out.

  Get your handouts. Once you arrrive at the page, choose the "Handouts" tab.
(*Note - you'll need to be logged in to access the handouts. Use your regular AMSN Website username and password to access the handouts, the CE evaluation process, etc. in the AMSN Online Library. This is different than your username and password shown above for the app.)

  Use the hashtag. When you post to the AMSN Facebook or Twitter pages, include #AMSN2017 so everyone can enjoy each other’s posts!

  Choose an activity and connect. Want company for something fun to do in Palm Springs? Visit the AMSN Hub now and find a buddy! Join a group or create your own and post your activity ideas on the “Let’s Connect” board in the registration area at convention. Also, in the AMSN Convention app, in the "Engage" section, check out "Convention Fun." There's a "Chat Channel" in the app called "Let's Connect" as well!

  Maximize your experience! From learning to leisure, this video (second one on the page) titled "2017 Convention Orientation Video" will help you get the most out of the convention. Watch it before you go!

      Your badge, your choice to connect with exhibitors - AMSN will use a lead retrieval system in the convention Exhibit Hall. If you pre-registered, you will receive a bar-coded badge that may be used during your visits to the Exhibit Hall. You have the option to allow exhibitors to scan your badge, which contains the following information: your name, preferred mailing address, and email address. This service (optional to exhibitors) saves you time and makes your exhibit visits more productive.

And most important... enjoy the learning experience, the sun and sights of Palm Springs, and the warm welcome of your friends and colleagues!