AMSN Board of Directors Announced

The AMSN Nominating Committee is pleased to announce that Robin Hertel, EdS, MSN, RN, CMSRN will serve as AMSN’s next President.

Robin Hertel, President-ElectRobin practices as a Nursing Education Specialist for Ascend Learning in Leawood, KS.

She will begin her four-year presidential term as President-Elect in October 2017 (1 year). During the 2018 annual convention, she will be sworn in as AMSN’s 18th President and will serve as President for two years (Sep 2018-Sep 2020). In the fall 2020, she will begin the final year of her presidential term in the role of Immediate Past President.

Robin has been a medical-surgical nurse for 24 years, an AMSN member for 14 years and has served as national secretary on the board of directors for the last six years. Prior to her board service, Robin was involved in the following AMSN Volunteer Units (VU): Legislative Policies & Issues, Professional Development Task Force, MedSurg Matters! Committee, and Certification Review Course faculty.

She is excited to continue the work of AMSN as a national leader in developing the changing role of medical-surgical nurses, enabling them to practice to the full extent of their education and licensure, and to promote inter-professional collaboration between members of the health care team. Robin will also work toward increasing membership and member involvement, especially with the millennial generation.

Robin is enthusiastic about AMSN and will work tirelessly to promote the specialty of medical-surgical nursing through several different avenues, including networking with other leaders in the nursing and health care industries. Through cooperative, knowledge-based discussions and a consensus of the board, Robin will continue to move AMSN initiatives forward and will seek out new opportunities that align with the strategic plan and priority agenda.

Congratulations Robin!


Andie Melendez, National SecretaryThe AMSN Nominating Committee is also pleased to announce that Andrea (Andie) Melendez, MSN, RN, CHTP, HTCP, HSMI, RM  will serve as National Secretary, 2017-2020.

Andie has been a medical-surgical nurse for 26 years and is currently employed as a Clinical Outcomes Specialist for the University of Maryland Baltimore Washington Medical Center in Glen Burnie, MD

As an AMSN member since 2000, she has served on several Volunteer Units (VU) including, Clinical Practice, CNS Scope & Standards Revisions, Clinical Information Task Force, Alliance to Advance Patient Nutrition, AMSN Hub Nutrition Leader, and several external national task forces.

Andie is eager to strengthen the practice and confidence of medical surgical nurses to use their "powerful voice" in identifying areas of opportunity and providing solutions to address those opportunities. She believes networking, increasing awareness of evidenced based practices, assuring safe and effective staffing resources to deliver world class patient care are of utmost importance.

Andie will begin her three-year term in October during the AMSN 26th Annual Convention in Palm Springs, CA. Her commitment to AMSN is her passion and she is delighted to further her contribution to the profession of medical-surgical nursing by serving on the board of directors.

Best Wishes, Andie!

Election Note: President-Elect and Secretary are the only positions open on the board of directors this year. Robin Hertel is the only candidate for President-Elect and Andrea Melendez is the only candidate for secretary. Therefore, the election is uncontested. According to AMSN Bylaws Article IV. Section 5. Election of Directors, “In the event of only one (1) official candidate running for each position on the ballot, and there is no other candidate, the election is deemed uncontested. The Secretary shall cast a lone ballot and the election to office will be official. In the event that the Secretary is a candidate on the ballot, the President will appoint an Acting Secretary from the board of directors for the single purpose of casting a lone ballot and the election to office will be official.” Jennifer Kennedy, AMSN National Director, cast the lone ballot on March 22, 2017, making the election official.